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illustration of Echo the Bat with cactus and satellite image

Link to Echo's Adventure
Follow Echo through Arizona on his adventure to his winter hibernaculum. Learn about remote sensing and use false-color satellite images to help you find Echo. (Grades 5 8)

Link to the EM spectrum
You experience the Electromagnetic Spectrum everyday but did you know scientists use it to study our Earth and Space. Come have a look at what they see.
Link to teacher's site
Bring the Echo experience into your classroom or home with hands-on activities that teach about the electromagnetic spectrum and remote sensing. (Grades 5 - 8)
link to Echo the Bat book
A colorful print version of the Echo story. Rich satellite images have lift-the-flaps for exploring each habitat Echo visits along his journey. Hands-on activities for the BOOK and DVD are developed for ages 4-9.
Link to Echo in Arizona
Now visit Echo the Bat on his adventure through Arizona State Parks!


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